Video Installation Rendering in Space

Paul McCarthy

Caribbean Pirates, 2001—2005
Multimedia installation
In collaboration with his son Damon McCarthy

Paul McCarthy
Spinning Room, 1971—2008

Aluminum, wood, Servo motors, vinyl rear projection screens, video projectors, electric motor, sensors, electrical components, show control, video equipment
1925 x 1925 x 380 cm / 757 7/8 x 757 7/8 x 149 5/8 in

Screen shot 2016-02-04 at 6.24.46 PM


Bill Viola, Heaven and Earth, 1992, video installation; in a small alcove, a wood column extends from the floor and ceiling with a gap in the center formed by two exposed monitors facing each other, two inches apart, mounted to upper and lower columns respectively, a black-and-white video image on each monitor

BILL VIOLA The Veiling, 1995 Nine scrims, two video laser disc projectors and players, speakers

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