YOUNGPROJECTS is proud to be working with Stockholm’s Kulturhuset Museum, LOOP and a number of today’s most extraordinary talents. Thirty works have been installed throughout the museum and will remain on view through May 2012. Please join us for the opening on Friday.

Stockholm’s Kulturhuset Museum
March 10 – May 20, 2012

The exhibition features a selection of the most vibrant contemporary international video art and features some 30 works from the past decade. The artists in the exhibition represent different approaches and styles, generations and nationalities. Their works give examples of tendencies and themes in contemporary international video art, including film, painting, body art and performance, politics and social issues, experiments and humour.

Participating artists include:
Marina Abramovic, Eve Sussman & the Rufus Corporation, Julian Rosefeldt, Bestué & Vives, Antoni Muntadas, Clemens Krauss, Wood & Harrison, Nira Pereg, Marcus Schinwald, Richard T. Walker, Antoine Roegiers, Isabel Rocamora, Devis Venturelli, Fabien Giraud, Mehdi Meddaci, Kelly Richardson, Mariana Vassileva, Marco Brambilla, Guy Ben-Ner and Juliao Sarmento.

The works in Beyond Time have been shown previously at the annual video festival in Barcelona, LOOP/Screen from Barcelona, in 2003-2011.