I saw the Marco Brambilla show at the Santa Monica Museum of Art this past weekend. The last room had two 3D video collage art works. This clip is of Civilization (Megaplex), 2008. Evolution (Megaplex), 2010 was my favorite of the 3D work. Here is a bit of the press release-

Evolution (Megaplex), 2010, a new large-scale 3D video collage, which displays the history of humankind through the lens of cinema. In this never before seen work, Brambilla combines hundreds of clips from genre films that re-enact historical moments as grand spectacle. This cacophony of images is looped and mapped into an infinite three-dimensional environment that scrolls horizontally across time. Evolution emphasizes conflicts through the ages, in a remix that seamlessly moves through past, present, and future, providing a satirical take on the bombast of the big-budget ‘epic.’”

I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed Brambilla’s Evolution (Megaplex). The 3D worked well with the subject matter and the video collage. If you are in LA go see it so you can experience the 3D yourself. Other pieces I found interesting were HalfLife, 2002 (which I remember seeing a few years ago in a California Biennial) and Wall of Death, 2001. Wall of Death was probably my favorite work in the whole exhibition. The video is a series of short loops of a motorcycle carnival act. The performer rides the motorcycle around and up the wall of a circular room. Brambilla edited together the loops of different shots to create one scene. It’s just great! The form and content of the video work beautifully together. I’ll see if I can find it online.