Last month I went to Ruth Benzecar gallery in Buenos Aires to see the solo exhibition of Miguel Angel Rios. The projector was broken so I could not see the video Mecha, the main piece of the show. Despite my initial frustration, I stumbled upon an excellent group show curated by Solana Molina Viamonte downstairs titled El Rayo Verde, based on Julio Verne’s novel and Eric Rohmer’s film. ‘The green ray’ is an optic phenomenon that occurs under certain atmospheric circumstances during sunset. Concentrated attention is required to see the subtle ray and works in this show. Iran do Espirito Santo, Pablo Accinelli, Erica Bohm, Leopoldo Estol, Fabio Kacero, Jorge Macchi, and Nicolas Robbio have works of minimal and sometimes precarious gestures, with poetic and conceptual rigor.  Special highlight is Nicolas Robbio’s piece made from a projected cutout of blinds.

– JM 

at Ruth Benzecar Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina