James Benningcasting a glance, 2007, still from a color and sound 16mm film, 80 minutes.

James Benning’s casting a glance 
and Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty

Thursday, July 12, 7pm

Coinciding with the exhibition, ENDS OF THE EARTH: LAND ART TO 1974, Los Angeles Filmforum presents a program of films around Robert Smithson’s seminal earthwork, Spiral Jetty. Smithson’s own film, Spiral Jetty(1970), explores the complex gyre of ideas and associations that inform the creation of the 1,500-foot coil while James Benning’s casting a glance (2007) bears witness to the work over time. “Map[ping] the Jetty back onto its 37-year history,” Benning’s film patiently records the artwork interacting with the environment, documenting the effects of light and time upon it.

James Benning will introduce the evening’s program.

$12 general admission
FREE for MOCA and Los Angeles Filmforum members

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MOCA The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Miranda July
Eleven Heavy Things | 07.23.11 – 10.23.11
MOCA Pacific Design Center

“This exhibition from artist, filmmaker, and writer Miranda July features a series of 11 sculptures that encourage viewer interaction in the Pacific Design Center Plaza. The cast fiberglass, steel-lined pieces include pedestals to stand on, tablets fashioned with holes for body parts, and freestanding abstract headdresses. The work was first exhibited in a garden within Giardino delle Vergini for the 53rd International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale in 2009, and at Union Square Park in New York in 2010.”