Machine Project

Machine Project Documentary Practice Internship

Machine Project is seeking a documentary assistant to contribute to the production
and editing of short films made from our constantly evolving archive. This position
might appeal to someone with interests in art, documentary, sound, and/or
performance. We are a small studio working to document the events and history of our
space, along with the artists we have come in to contact and collaborated with. We
really enjoy making videos here, and think that possibly you might too.

Some of our recent videos can be found here:

About Machine

Requirements and Information:

– Familiarity with Macs & Final Cut Pro

– Work on site at the Machine Project storefront in Echo Park

Internship is for a three month period, 1-2 days per week

-This is an unpaid internship, but does include occasional free bagels and class credit
if applicable to your school

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please send an email and a link to a
video you have made to


Storefront Plaza by Nate Page, on view from November 19th through January 2012 at Machine Project.  We’re going this Sunday too to see Emily Lacy play and activate the space in a whole new way.