Game Changer

Rachel Lachowicz, Form Into Uniform Into Formlessness, 1996
Digital output, enamel on aluminum, plaster, fabric
wall: 62” x 62” floor 68” x 69”

Valeska Soares, Suspiro, 2001, glass and perfume

Fred Wilson, Picasso/Whose Rules (on right), 1991, mixed media construction and video

Sam Taylor-Wood, Suspended III, 2004

Vanessa Beecroft, VB53 (Giardino dell’Orticultura, Firenze), 2004, digital video

Mel Chin, 9-11 (trailer), 2007, hand-drawn animated film, 24 min. total running time in entirety

The film is in collaboration with American filmmaker Chip Schneider, and Chilean animation partners Plano Visual Estudio de Animación in Santiago, Chile.