Experimental Film

Alex MacKenzieProjector Performance at TBA:11

Cinema Project presented a program at TBA:11 featuring projector performances by Canadian film artist Alex MacKenzie and LA’s Miwa Matreyek. MacKenzie used a hand-cranked film projector (listen for it) to perform the wooden lightbox: a secret art of seeing. My video excerpt hints at the subtle light manipulations of MacKenzie’s performance but more importantly captures the hypnotic drone of the soundtrack. I’ll follow up with a clip from Matreyek’s performance tomorrow.


The Stan Vanderbeek exhibition, The Culture Intercom, has been my favorite show at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston.  There was a screening room that played hours of his short films.  Political, humorous and always playful, you could take in the range of his work, from 16 mm stop motion films to early digital video and see how his work shifted as media technology changed. Vanderbeek attended the Black Mountain College with John Cage, Merce Cunningham and Robert Rauschenberg and brought his visual arts background to experimental filmmaking.  Vanderbeek’s immersive media happenings in his Movie Drome make me wish there was a time machine.  Some of his work can be viewed online on YouTube and UbuWeb.  Click on the image above to watch his hypnotic and amazing short, Science Friction.

– KS