Dirty Looks

I went to school with Bradford and he put together this amazing project in New York! He needs our support to make it happen. Please consider supporting Dirty Looks: On Location. 24 hours left to pledge!



Dear friends,
Today is the LAST DAY to support a summer of free queer screenings throughout our city. We are SO CLOSE – but with 15% to go we truly need your help to make Dirty Looks: On Location a reality. PLEASE PLEDGE NOW!
Don’t you wish that wandering into Barracuda would yield a dayglow projection about broken pottery by Shana Moulton? A chance visit to Participant Inc found you in the thick of an interview between Jane Pauley and Steve Rubell (mimed by Tara Mateik, K8 Hardy and a Michael Jackson impersonator, of course)? Our program will feature the following artists and more: Peggy Ahwesh, Eleanor Antin, Charles Atlas, Juan Betancurth, Nayland Blake and AA Bronson, Joan Braderman, Heather Cassils, Shirley Clark, Deville Cohenare, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters, Cheryl Dunye, Deanna Erdmann, Gag!, Carl Michael George, Fred Halsted, Dynasty Handbag, K8 Hardy, Jim Hubbard, William E. Jones, Mike Kuchar, Kalup Linzy, Pier Marton, Tara Mateik, Shana Moulton, Sheila Pepe, Luther Price, Marlon Riggs, Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, Emily Roysdon and Frank Simon.
Dirty Looks: On Location is an important historical, yet social and innovative summer series. The program is intended expressly for the general public, who may seek us out each event, or stumble upon our interventions by happenstance. The pairings of artwork and public space inform of a queer past that is either vital and thriving or on the verge of being forgotten. Our city hosts a rich cultural legacy, but many of these stories are on the verge of extinction. This program works to rearticulate those important stories and sites that brought queer culture into the present day. Please do not let those stories die.
Pledge today – http://kck.st/JLTwZR
Thank you for your support and interest.
all my best,

The last Wednesday of the month…
Dirty Looks, a monthly platform for queer experimental film and video

February 14 2012, 08:00pm Hammer Presents

Dirty Looks: Long Distance Love Affairs

Dirty Looks is a New York-based roaming screening series, a salon of influences, and an open platform for inquiry, discussion, and debate. This program is a love letter passionately proposing the curious coupling of East Coast and L.A. queer experimental filmmakers of yesterday and today. Expect obsession, permuted notions of sex, and violent whimsy. Curated by Bradford Nordeen and Darin Klein, and featuring work by Cecilia Dougherty, Deanna Erdmann, Rhys Ernst, Glen Fogel, Mariah Garnett, Jonesy, Dani Leventhal, Charles Ludlam, Narcissister, Luther Price, and Michael Robinson. Deanna Erdmann, Rhys Ernst, Mariah Garnett, Jonesy and Narcissister will participate in a post-screening discussion and take questions from the audience. Cash bar at 7pm, screening at 8pm.