MICHAEL BELL-SMITH ” I Thought It Was a Pull, but It’s a Push”

August 31 – September 27, 2013
Center of Ongoing Research and Projects
Columbus, Ohio


For his project at COR&P, Michael Bell-Smith presents “I Thought It Was a Pull, but It’s a Push”. The project continues his ongoing investigations into the systems of digital media production and the language of commercial design. The show centers around a video Bell-Smith created utilizing a strict template-based structure of his own design. Shuttling between various permutations of “content” within a visually dense looped structure, the video exists as a work of its own as well as an open-ended system for creating other moving and still image-based work. Embracing the framework of the one-click “defaults” found in graphics software used by amateurs and “creative professionals” alike, the work explores the potential for individual expression within the tools that dictate the language of our contemporary environment.

In conjunction with the exhibition, COR&P is publishing Claps / Applause, a 12” record created from 911 audio samples of “claps” and one audio sample of “applause.” The record functions both as a catalog of Bell-Smith’s recent research, indexing files from his own collection, and as a tool for creation and re-appropriation, recalling DJ tool records and cinema sound effects albums of the pre-digital age.

– Text from Center of Ongoing Research and Projects website

– Note from contributor, Gina Osterloh: The images contributed here are images I shot at the opening, with permission of Michael Bell-Smith and COR&P. I will update this post with new images as Michael sends me more info. Happy to be able to attend the opening here in Columbus, Ohio.




Michael Bell-Smith at COR&P



Installation images of projection onto custom screen inside COR&P.



Michael_Bell_Smith_0015 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0016 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0017 copy


Michael_Bell_Smith_0001 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0002 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0003 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0004 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0005 copy



Vinyl Records “Claps and Applause”

Michael_Bell_Smith_0012 copy



Post cards in vitrine

Michael_Bell_Smith_0013 copy




Michael_Bell_Smith_0006 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0008 copy

Michael_Bell_Smith_0010 copy

Amy Youngs (artist and Professor of Art & Technology at OSU), Michael Bell-Smith (exhibiting artist based in Brooklyn), Ingrid with Kris Paulsen (writer and Professor of contemporary art with a specialization in time-based media) and Ryland Wharton (artist and co-founder of COR&P with Kris Paulsen).

video stills from Michael Bell-Smith

video stills from Michael Bell-Smith






All_runs (03236) copy


All_runs (03292) copy


All_runs (03836) copy


All_runs (04176) copy


All_runs (04252)

Video stills – Courtesy of Michael Bell-Smith