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Nam June Paik
Patrick Staff
Janet Cardiff’s “The Forty Part Motet”
Art/Life One year Performance 1983 -1984
Nam June Paik, Reclining Buddha, 1994
Nam June Paik, Magnet TV, 1965
Nam June Paik, TV Cello (1971)
In Pursuit of Venus
100 Cheers
Guinness World Record Attempt: Longest D.J Marathon
HOOPS sound test in South Car Park, University of Melbourne
L'ellipse by Pierre Huyghe
Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler
Doug Aitken
Pipilotti Rist
Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler
Douglas Gordon
Douglas Gordon
Candice Breitz
Collector's Edition Glitch 2014
Pipilotti Rist
Pipilotti Rist
Diana Thater
Diana Thater
Diana Thater
Diana Thater
Diana Thater
Diana Thater
Diana Thater
Tony Oursler
Tony Oursler
Tony Oursler
Tony Oursler
Tony Oursler
Ryan Trecartin
Matthew Barney on `River of Fundament' with Charlie Rose
Matthew Barney
Mike by Michael Smith
Michael Smith - "Go For It Mike"
Masters of None
Let the Good Times Roll
All Together Now
Harry Dodge and Stanya Kahn
Alex Bag
William Lamson at Honor Fraser Gallery
Ana Torfs, Anatomy, 2006 @ MCA Chicago
Cyprien Gaillard, Dunepark, 2009 @ MCA Chicago
Claudia Joskowicz- Sympathy for the Devil
Miracle Report
Nam June Paik- TV Bra
Nam June Paik- The More the Better
Nam June Paik
Isabelle Cornaro @ LAXART
William Lamson @ Honor Fraser
Diana Thater, Wicked Witch @ OCMA
Shirley Schor, Landslide, 2004 @ OCMA
Mungo Thompson, The American Desert (for Chuck Jones), 2002 @ OCMA
Marina Abramovic, The Kitchen V @ Palm Springs Museum of Art
Bruce Nauman @ LACMA
Agnes Varda @ LACMA
Tacita Dean @ Hammer Museum
Wael Shanky @ Hammer Museum
Hirsch Perlman @ Hammer Museum
Jack Goldstein: Some Butterflies (1975)
Jack Goldstein: The Jump (1978)
Jack Goldstein: Bone Chine (1976)
Jack Goldstein: A White Dove (1975)
Jack Goldstein: A Ballet Shoe (1975)
Jack Goldstein: The Knife (1975)
Jack Goldstein: Shane (1975)
Bas Jan Ader: Selected Works
29.09.2009 Tribute to Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga (2013)
Nam June Paik: Global Groove Part 3 (1973)
Chen Zhou @ Rubell collection
Judith Barry, Casual Shopper, 1980-81 @ Perez Art Museum, Miami
Uriel Orlow @ UCSD UAG
Vito Acconci: Theme Song (1973)
Vito Acconci: Pryings (1971)
Vito Acconci: Centers (1971)
Sam Taylor-Wood: Hysteria (1999)
Stanya Kahn: It's Cool, I'm Good (2010)
Morris: Mirror
Martha Rosler: Semotics of the Kitchen (1975)
Koto Ezawa: Lennon Sontag Beuys (2004)
Keren Cytter: Der Spiegel
Daniel Martinez
Bill Viola: He Weeps